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Period Tracker Pro (Pink Pad)

Health & Fitness

Pink Pad is a health and lifestyle tracker with integrated community to connect women around the world. Designed with a calendar-style UI, Pink Pad is simple and extremely intuitive to navigate. Pink Pad helps track health related issues such as weight, menstrual cycle, emotional/physical well-being while connecting to a global community of women for support and information exchange.PINK PAD FEATURE HIGHLIGHTS:- Global Community of Women- Period, Ovulation & Health Tracking- Fertility Tracking / Pregnancy Planning- Custom Discreet Notifications- Stunning Themes, Widgets and Graphics- Easy-to-Use, Intuitive Notebook / Day Planner Design- Backup and Restore your data to keep it safe
SOCIAL & COMMUNITY- Connect, support and exchange health and lifestyle related ideas with women around the world.- Join the LARGEST TRYING TO CONCEIVE MOBILE COMMUNITY IN THE WORLD!- Post and reply to messages about Fashion, Beauty, Health, Pregnancy, and more.
PINK PAD SHOP (NEW!) A curated store of fertility and women’s health products.
DESIGN INNOVATIONS- Notebook Planner design with audio- Seven themes/skins: Polka Dot, Animal Print, Sakura, Summer, Winter, Fall, and Spring- BEAUTIFUL WIDGETS for each theme
PERIOD & HEALTH TRACKING- Predicts period to help plan day-to-day activities and vacations- Notes section to keep a health journal- Monitor and track moods, symptoms, weight, temperature and other menstrual related progress- Charts to see visual progress- Customizable symptoms so you can track what is most pertinent to you
FERTILITY TRACKING- Predicts fertile and ovulation day- Cervical observations and symptoms tracking- Chart basal body temperature to determine ovulation day- Smart luteal phase averaging based on ovulation kit results
CUSTOM NOTIFICATIONS- Be prepared for when Aunt Flow or your Fertile Days are approaching by setting up a custom, discreet reminder, "Aunt Flo coming to town".